Could living
with your dog
be easier?

Home Consultations

Visits in your home or any other environment where you are experiencing difficulties or have training needs.
Home consultations cater for all behavioural problems and general training.

Does your dog
Jump up at you and others Fuss around when visitors arrive
Chew items when left alone or unattended Demand attention
Play bite when excited Steal food and other items
Feel nervous with loud noises Bark excessively
Show nervousness or aggression towards dogs or people Beg for food
Chase joggers, cyclists or other animals Dig in your garden
Be sick when travelling in the car Pull on the lead
Growl over food, bones or toys Not come back when called

Do you realise all of the above problems can be improved or erradicated with a maximum of two home visits.

We often just cope with behaviours, which could be easily resolved - as a result your dog will also be more relaxed and much happier.

telephone: 0118 924 2788             mobile: 07889 615368